The accuracy of spatial databases

M. Goodchild, S. Gopal

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An edited collection of 23 position papers presented at a meeting in Montecito, California, in 1988. The papers present different perspectives on the accuracy problem in GIS, from efforts to simulate and model error to techniques for accommodating to it. The papers are organized into seven sections, each with a brief introduction. The first and last sections are general overviews, and papers in sections two through four look at error in GIS with increasing technical complexity and generality. Section five groups together four papers on various aspects of error in the spatial analysis of socio-economic data, and section six contains four papers on more fundamental approaches to the particular problems of aggregation and reporting zone effects which underlie much modelling in human geography and related disciplines. All papers are abstracted separately. -after Editors

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Title of host publicationThe accuracy of spatial databases
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StatePublished - 1989
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