Temperaturunabhaengige Rhythmische Erscheinungen bei Rossameisenkolonien (Camponotus Ligniperda Latr. und Camponotus Herculeanus L.). (Hym. Form.)

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Certain rhythmical phenomena, independant of temperature, which have been described in this report, were observed with Camponotus ligniperda and Camponotus herculeanus. 1o One can find the plugging and the packing of the nest during wintertime, even at higher temperatures, with Camponotus herculeanus, but not which Camponotus ligniperda. 2o Camponotus ligniperda and Camponotus herculeanus form a cluster during winter-time, even at higher temperatures. 3o The state of rest in the larval stage is kept, even at higher temperatures; this larval stage is very resistant to cold. The larvae receive only little food at higher temperatures.

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JournalInsectes Sociaux
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StatePublished - Mar 1961
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