Spatial analysis and GIS

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The impetus for this book is the relative lack of research into the integration of spatial analysis and GIS, and the potential benefits in developing such an integration. There are 13 chapters (each abstracted separately) structured into three parts. Part I contains chapters that focus directly upon some of the broader issues associated with the integration of spatial analysis and GIS. Part II is primarily oriented towards either specific methods of spatial analysis or the linkages between spatial analysis and GIS. Part III focuses directly upon issues associated with mathematical modelling and GIS. There are two general themes within the text; the relationship between GIS and exploratory and confirmatory modes of analysis; the relationship between GIS and the development of geographic theory. The authors suggest the integration of spatial analysis and GIS will stimulate interest in quantitative spatial science, particularly exploratory and visual types of analysis and provide an insight into the future of GIS. -after Editors

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1994
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