Routledge handbook of borders and tourism

Dallen J. Timothy, Alon Gelbman

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The Routledge Handbook of Borders and Tourism examines the multiple and diverse relationships between global tourism and political boundaries. With contributions from international, leading thinkers, this book offers theoretical frameworks for understanding borders and tourism and empirical examples from borderlands throughout the world. This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of historical and contemporary thinking about evolving national frontiers and tourism. Tourism, by definition, entails people crossing borders of various scales and is manifested in a wide range of conceptualizations of human mobility. Borders significantly influence tourism and determine how the industry grows, is managed, and manifests on the ground. Simultaneously, tourism strongly affects borders, border laws, border policies, and international relations. This book highlights the traditional relationships between borders and tourism, including borders as attractions, barriers, transit spaces, and determiners of tourism landscapes. It offers deeper insights into current thinking about space and place, mobilities, globalization, citizenship, conflict and peace, trans-frontier cooperation, geopolitics, "otherness" and here versus there, the heritagization of borders and memory-making, biodiversity, and bordering, debordering, and rebordering processes. Offering an unparalleled interdisciplinary glimpse at political boundaries and tourism, this handbook will be an essential resource for all students and researchers of tourism, geopolitics and border studies, geography, anthropology, sociology, history, international relations, and global studies.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherTaylor and Francis
Number of pages445
ISBN (Electronic)9781000798135
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StatePublished - Dec 13 2022

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