Reflections on the distinctness of judaism and the sciences

Norbert M. Samuelson

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The object of this essay is to explain what there is about discussions of Judaism and the sciences that is distinctive from discussions about religion in general and the sciences. The description draws primarily but not exclusively from recent meetings of the Judaism, Medicine, and Science Group in Tempe, Arizona. The author's Jewish Faith and Modern Science, together with a selective bibliography of writings in this subfield, are used to generate a list of science issues-focused around the religious doctrines of creation, revelation, and redemption in Judaism-that raise specific challenges to Jewish faith. Special attention is given to Leon Kass's The Hungry Soul as an example of a distinctive way to integration knowledge of both science and rabbinic Judaism on a philosophical issue.

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StatePublished - Jun 2011


  • Creation
  • Darwinism
  • Democracy
  • Food
  • Halachah
  • History
  • Humanism
  • Kabbalah and filosofia
  • Medicine
  • Monism and dualism
  • Rabbi
  • Race
  • Redemption
  • Religion
  • Revelation
  • Wisdom

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