Reconstitution of RNAase P activity using inactive subunits from E. coli and HeLa cells

Heidi A. Gold, Sidney Altman

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HeLa cell RNAase P activity found in the flow-through of anti-Sm affinity columns can be separated into inactive RNA and protein components. These components can be used to reconstitute active hybrid enzyme complexes with purified subunits from E. coli RNAase P. The RNA in the HeLa cell fractions employed is enriched for species between 85 and 115 nucleotides long. This reconstitution assay is a convenient means of purifying the functional RNA and protein of HeLa cell RNAase P. Probes derived from the genes for the subunits of E. coli RNAase P hybridize to genomic DNA of gram-negative prokaryotic organisms, but no positive signals are seen with genomic DNA from a variety of eukaryotic organisms.

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Pages (from-to)243-249
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Issue number2
StatePublished - Jan 31 1986
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