Polymeric adsorbent for radium removal from groundwater

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Radium removal from groundwater by adsorption on polymeric adsorbent represents the latest application of adsorption process in water treatment. A three-month pilot study was carried out in the customer site to collect process performance data on Dowex RSC (radium selective complexer) for a large scale plant design. It was observed from the pilot test that the RSC resin has exceptionally high adsorption capacity for radium, no radium breakthrough from 38 RSC bed during the entire pilot test; however the adsorbent mass transfer zone extended with the progress of pilot test. The increasing mass transfer zone was probably caused by the changing adsorbent properties. This interesting phenomenon presents a very tough challenge to both adsorption process design and simulation. Another very unique aspect of this process is that the adsorbent with the exceptionally high adsorption capacity may not be suitable for this process due to radiation safety concern and waste disposal limit.

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  • Adsorbent
  • Complexation
  • MTZ
  • Polymeric
  • Radium
  • Water treatment

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