Planned Special Event Network Optimization Model Considering Parking and Ridesharing Drop-Off

Jun Xiao, Yingyan Lou

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A planned special event (PSE), such as a sports game or a concert, can greatly affect the normal operations of a transportation system. To facilitate traffic, the road network is usually reconfigured, which could include road closures, reversed lanes, and limited access to parking facilities. For recurring PSEs, event-goers are often provided with recommended routes to designated parking areas in advance. Such network reconfiguration and route and parking recommendations are, however, often ad hoc in practice. This paper focuses on the PSE traffic planning problem. We propose to simultaneously consider parking, ridesharing, and network configuration. The problem is formulated as an optimization problem with integer decision variables. We developed a flow-based traffic simulation tool that is able to incorporate parking and lane changing (which cannot be ignored around ridesharing drop-off locations) to evaluate the objective function. We also developed effective and efficient heuristic solution algorithms. The models and algorithms are tested using the real network and traffic data from Super Bowl XLIX in 2015. The results show that our methods and approaches are able to produce an effective comprehensive traffic plan with reasonable computation time. For the Super Bowl XLIX case study, the resulting optimal plan is able to save 39.6% of the total vehicle-hours associated with default network configurations. Sensitivity analysis has also been conducted with respect to the compliance rate of travelers following recommended routes. It is found that the resulting near-optimal PSE traffic plans are able to tolerate some uncertainty in the compliance rate.

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StatePublished - Mar 2022

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