Pierre Bourdieu

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  • Bourdieu, metaphor of games - conveying his sense of social life
  • Bourdieu, situating logic of multiple fields - forms of capital, and notion of "the field of power"
  • Bourdieu, surveying Algeria as a whole - concentrating on regions, as Kabylia
  • Capital, being Bourdieu's term for resources - forming the "stakes" of social struggles
  • Impact and assessment, and Bourdieu's work - broad impact in sociology
  • Kabyle, Arabic word for tribe, and Kabyle - Berber-speaking peasants, seen as backward
  • Pierre Bourdieu, French sociologist since Durkheim - a leading theorist and an empirical researcher
  • Sense of timing, what Bourdieu says is capacity - "habitus," player of a game, improvising the next move
  • Social life, saying Bourdieu is like this - stakes being bigger, and always a struggle
  • misrecognition, symbolic domination and reflexivity

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