Parent coaching of music interventions for children with ASD: A conceptual framework

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Introduction: Parents are increasingly included in Autism Spectrum Disorder treatment models. Despite considerable interest in parent participation and parent–child interactions in music interventions, parent-mediated interventions and parent coaching are uncommon in music therapy. The present work developed a conceptual framework for parent coaching of music interventions anchored in the Parent-Early Start Denver Model. Method: A narrative review within a constructionist approach that combined a well-researched treatment model (P-ESDM), extant literature, and clinical experience was conducted to produce this conceptual framework. A graphical representation, with definition of each variable in the model and their relationships, is included. Results: A conceptual framework of parent coaching is proposed, where music is hypothesized to be a mediator, enhancing the psychophysiological synchrony between the dyad, while increasing child motivation within playful interventions that can be incorporated during family routines. The intervention is hypothesized to increase parental responsiveness, which, in turn, would support child development. Discussion: Parent-mediated interventions and parent coaching are currently investigated as some of the most useful strategies within the ASD field. The hypothesized and known relationships in this conceptual framework require further research but serve as a starting point for parent coaching of music interventions for young children with ASD.

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JournalNordic Journal of Music Therapy
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StatePublished - May 26 2020


  • Parent-mediated
  • autism
  • early intervention
  • music interventions
  • music-based
  • parent coaching
  • parent coaching

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