Mapping the regulatory environment for nanomaterials in Canada

Marc A. Saner, Eve Heafey, Diana M. Bowman

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This article provides, for the first time, a detailed map of the Canadian regulatory environment for nanomaterials. As the Government of Canada has not yet adopted a regulatory definition for nanomaterials, we developed a method to delineate the potential scope of nanomaterials regulation. We used a step-wise "translation" of the identity of thirteen research materials (taken from the OECD Sponsorship Programme for the Testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials) into their prospective uses, sectors and, key federal legislative instruments. The starting point of this method was a test of the merit of the OECD list using the concept of "regulatory attention." This method is novel and could have utility in other jurisdictions. The identified regulations were mapped onto a matrix that provides a very succinct and convenient overview of the Canadian regulatory environment. Finally, a summary description of these regulations is provided as an entry point for those who wish to use such materials in Canada, sell into the Canadian market, or carry out further academic regulatory research.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)343-368
Number of pages26
JournalNanotechnology Law and Business
Issue number4
StatePublished - Mar 2013
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