Long-term management of the patient with stable angina.

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Advances in the pharmacologic, medical, and surgical treatment of ischemic heart disease have led to the recognition of new goals in the treatment of patients with stable angina, including the relief of symptoms, treatment of underlying causes, and the enhancement of their quality of life. As research continues to provide more information about the pathophysiologic process of ischemic heart disease, new procedures, diagnostics, and management techniques will continue to emerge. In considering the long-term management of patients with stable angina, the primary role of the nurse is in providing relevant information regarding the management of anginal symptoms and related lifestyle modifications. Integrating knowledge of the disease process and its treatment into nursing practice will achieve a comprehensive plan of nursing care that addresses the physiologic, psychosocial, and educational needs of the patient and family members.

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JournalNursing Clinics of North America
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StatePublished - Mar 1992
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