Lewis Gordon's contribution to the study of communication: Beyond disciplinary decadence

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    My interest in the present work is to consider how the study of communication necessarily entails an irreducible human presence that not only must be accounted for but which is the only adequate means through which we can assert knowledge and understanding concerning human beings and their inextricable interrelatedness with the social, cultural, and historical world. In developing this point, I feature the work of Lewis Gordon, particularly his notion of "disciplinary decadence," as a way of suggesting how in the study of communication we can pursue a direct, demanding, and thoroughgoing account of the human presence in our work and therefore also develop a greater capacity to examine the human values conveyed and thusly produced in the immediacy of embodied experience. Through Gordon's work, we can see ways of studying communication that return us to the very vibrancy of life that sustains healthy human communities, both inside and outside of the academy.

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