Latino poverty in the new century: Inequalities, challenges, and barriers

Maria Vidal de Haymes, Keith M. Kilty, Elizabeth Segal

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    Understand the social factors that challenge this fast-growing community! The Latino community will soon be the largest minority population in the United States. Although Hispanics have been part of the American scene since before independence, their issues have only recently drawn the attention of the mainstream. Latino Poverty in the New Century takes a clear look at the reasons why poverty and inequality are still major concerns for Hispanic citizens and residents. This keen analysis examines how apparently neutral, even well-meaning social and educational policies can have a devastating effect. The interlocking consequences of language problems, educational problems, gangs, poverty, and illness become a vicious cycle. Despite pervasive patterns of discrimination and subtle barriers to achievement, the Latino community still displays its power. Latino Poverty in the New Century reveals how a faith-based community organization succeeded in adapting indigenous networks and culturally relevant sources of support and power to create a strong community presence. Latino Poverty in the New Century offers a rich, detailed analysis of the challenges that face Hispanics in the United States: the implications of US immigration policy for immigrants, refugees, and native-born Latino citizens the language barriers that can prevent Latinos from full participation in both society and educational programs health care policies and the sometimes tragic consequences of the lack of medical insurance the role of extracurricular activities in keeping Latino students in school the twin calamities known as gentrification and urban blight This comprehensive book provides social workers and policymakers with wide-ranging analyses of some of the pressing issues and social policies that affect Hispanics in the United States. Latino Poverty in the New Century explores ways to keep Latino youth in high school, promote community organization, encourage Latinos to vote, and increase your understanding of migration dynamics. Containing current research and case studies, this valuable book will help you comprehend the challenges that Latinos face in this country and respect the gains they have made in spite of the obstacles in their way.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    PublisherTaylor and Francis Inc.
    Number of pages183
    ISBN (Electronic)9780203048238
    ISBN (Print)0789011603, 9780789011602
    StatePublished - Nov 12 2012

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