Landscape planning and ecological networks

E. A. Cook, H. N. Van Lier

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This book brings together contributions related to the goal of planning for the ecological integrity of critical landscape systems. It has been collated under the ISOMUL (International Studygroup on the Multiple Use of Land) banner. The ecological network concept is explored in detail in this sixth ISOMUL book. Both the description of the background and the contents of ecological networks are given, aided by detailed case studies on the local and regional scale. Specific use of the concept is given on the national and international scales with examples from the Netherlands and the EC. The book contains sixteen chapters. Notable topics covered include an introduction to landscape ecology and ecological networks; assessment of urban biotopes for nature conservation; a study of new strategy in nature policy, which looks at the development of a national ecological network in the Netherlands, and a concluding, conspectus chapter by the editors which addresses the implementation of the concepts discussed and of ecological networks, and their application and relevance to land-use planning. -after Editors

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationLandscape planning and ecological networks
PublisherElsevier; Developments in Landscape Management & Urban Planning, 6F
ISBN (Print)0444820841, 9780444820846
StatePublished - Jan 1 1994

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