Is there a spirit of governance?

Jonathan Koppell, Jennifer Claire Auer

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In his classic work, H. George Frederickson off ers a robust call to value anew the spirit of public administration. Th is was off ered not as an abstract treatise but as a reaction to the evolution of the practice of public administration that included institutions and approaches that stretched previous understanding of the fi eld. Much about the constitution of the "spirit of public administration" is left abstract by Frederickson. It is something of a placeholder for the norms, values, and principles that are threatened by the ascendance of "governance." In this article, the threat of an undermined spirit of administration in a governance era is considered with an attempt at greater specifi city and concreteness than previous discussions. To the end of opening a more empirical exploration of the spirit-governance nexus, this article moves away from an either/or position and attempts to distill the highest risks of deterioration of spirit in the provision of public goods.

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JournalPublic administration review
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2012

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