Richard Kiehl, S. L. Wright, J. H. Magerlein, D. J. Frank

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An ion-implanted self-aligned-gate quantum-well metal-insulator-inverted-interface semiconductor FET (QW-MI**3SFET) has been demonstrated. Experimental and computer results show that this geometry is useful for achieving low ohmic contact resistance and access sheet resistance in quantum-well heterostructure FETs, despite the presence of heterointerfaces in the n plus access regions. In particular, ohmic contact resistance and sheet resistance values as low as 0. 29 OMEGA -mm and 290 OMEGA / D'ALEMB , respectively, have been achieved at room temperature, compared with values of 2. 0 OMEGA -mm and 1000 OMEGA / D'ALEMB , for recessed-gate designs. The barrier presented by the AlGaAs layer to deep-implanted regions is found to introduce an additional contact resistance of 0. 75 OMEGA -mm in the structures. A reduction of this resistance may be possible by optimizing the implant so as to produce enhanced compositional disordering within the n plus regions.

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StatePublished - 1987
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