Intercultural Communication and Dialectics Revisited

Judith N. Martin, Thomas K. Nakayama

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationThe Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication
Number of pages25
ISBN (Print)9781405184076
StatePublished - Apr 19 2011


  • Beyond the paradigms - Liberal pluralism, acknowledging value of each paradigmatic perspective
  • Critical humanist research, much in common - interpretive viewpoint and reality, socially constructed
  • Current culture and communication research - through a paradigmatic lens, dialectical approach to study of culture
  • Current paradigmatic approaches - interpretive paradigm, understanding the world as it is
  • Dialectic perspective, guiding future research - trans-paradigmatic methodology and conceptual framework
  • Dialectical approach to studying intercultural interaction - relational, than individual aspects and person
  • Intercultural communication and dialectics revisited
  • Personal-contextual dialectic - emphasizing relationship between personal and contextual communication
  • Rodriguez (2002), a notion - that human beings are culturing beings, a dialectic framework
  • Six dialectics, for studying intercultural communication - using six dialectics as framework

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