Indigenous Health Organizing at the Margins: Creating Access to Health by Building Health Infrastructure

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Socio-economic challenges, communicative barriers, and the lack of health infrastructure constitute and reinforce obstacles to health for all, especially for those who live in the underserved spaces of the Global South. This research addresses such contextual adversities by investigating how indigenous people in a remote Himalayan village collectively took ownership of a health-organizing initiative. The result of this initiative was the creation of a four bed mini-hospital designed to increase community members’ access to basic curative and preventative health care. Grounded in praxis-based critical health communication approaches, this research challenges top-down and externally-dictated interventions by placing subalterns at the forefront of a bottom-up and community-led health initiative. The centrality of discursive engagements and local-centric participatory actions of marginalized indigenous participants in this research calls for culture- and communication-centric research initiatives for increasing access to health at the margins.

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JournalHealth Communication
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StatePublished - Aug 23 2020

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