Incidence and characterization of Potato virus V infections in Iran

Fatemeh Shamsadden-Saeed, Hossain Massumi, Sakineh Moradi, Mohammad Maddahian, Jahangir Heydarnejad, Akbar Hosseini Pour, Arvind Varsani

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A survey was carried out to determine the extent of Potato virus V (PVV) infection, together with other potyviruses, in Iran in both commercial and local potato varieties. We found a low incidence of PVV in commercial varieties compared to a local potato cultivar Zardi, in which we noted a PVV infection up to ~32.9 %. We determined the genomic sequence 9,812 nucleotides of one isolate (KER.LAL.P) from cultivar Agria and the 3′-terminal sequence including coat protein (CP) gene of four additional isolates from cultivar Zardi. The Iranian isolate PVV KER.LAL.P was found to share 91 % sequence identity with the Scottish isolate DV-42 (AJ243766) of PVV. The CP gene sequences of the PVV isolates from Iran shared 96.5 to 99.3 % pairwise nucleotide identity and they shared <97.5 % pairwise identity with the CP sequences of all other PVV isolates available in public databases. Our host studies indicated that the Iranian PVV isolate had a narrower host range and infected Nicotiana debneyi and N. glutinosa test plants. Within the commercial varieties of potato in Iran, we noted a significant amount of mixed potyvirus infection. This study is the first report of occurrence and complete genome of PVV in Iran.

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StatePublished - Jan 9 2014
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  • Complete genome
  • Iran
  • Phylogenetic analysis
  • Potato virus V

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