Human papillomavirus vaccine guideline adherence among Arizona's Medicaid beneficiaries

Alexis Koskan, Lynne Klasko-Foster, Chad Stecher, Sue Rodriguez, Deborah Helitzer, Wonsuk Yoo

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Cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) can be prevented with the timely uptake and completion of the HPV vaccine series. Series completion is associated with increased vaccine effectiveness and longevity of protection. Medicaid beneficiaries are among populations with higher HPV vaccine uptake; however, little research describes factors that influence their HPV vaccine series completion. This study reports on a secondary data analysis of Arizona Medicaid data (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System) from years 2008–2016. We summarized patient data using descriptive statistics and explored relationships between demographic variables and HPV vaccine administration information using bivariate logistic regression. Results of this analysis showed that females were more likely to complete the series as compared to males, and the age group that had the greatest odd of vaccine completion were 13–17-year-olds, the catch-up vaccine population. White Medicaid beneficiaries were most likely to adhere to HPV vaccine guidelines, followed by Hispanic beneficiaries. Patients receiving care in urban settings were more likely to complete the HPV vaccine series than people receiving care in rural areas of the state. Although statistically insignificant, people living with HIV were less likely to complete the 3-dose series. Future work should focus on ensuring that HPV vaccine age-eligible Medicaid, including people living with HIV, adhere to HPV vaccine guidelines. Expanding programs such as Vaccines for Children and scope of practice for dental professionals to offer the vaccine may provide additional options for Medicaid beneficiaries to vaccinate.

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StatePublished - Jan 22 2021


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  • Human papillomavirus vaccine
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  • Medicaid

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