Grazing management, resilience, and the dynamics of a fire-driven rangeland system

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We developed a stylized mathematical model to explore the effects of physical, ecological, and economic factors on the resilience of a managed fire-driven rangeland system. Depending on grazing pressure, the model exhibits one of three distinct configurations: a fire-dominated, grazing-dominated, or shrub-dominated rangeland system. Transaction costs and costs due to shrub invasion, via their effect on grazing decisions, strongly influence which stable configuration is occupied. This, in turn, determines the resilience of the rangeland system. These results are used to establish conditions under which management for profit is consistent with the maintenance of resilience.

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StatePublished - Jan 2002
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  • Complex systems
  • Multiple states
  • Rangelands
  • Resilience

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  • Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
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