Charles Angell, J. C. Tucker

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The ability of various fused-salt systems to supercool and form glassy solids at low temperatures and the properties of their supercooled liquid states are reviewed; and the relationship between properties of such liquids and those of oxide glasses, on the one hand, and of organic molecular glass-forming liquids, on the other, is explored. Fused salts serve as an effective bridge between the two major classes of glass-forming liquids. Their contribution to the understanding of the principles that underlie the properties of simple fused salts, and of simple liquids in general, is discussed briefly.

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StatePublished - 1974
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EventPhys Chem of Process Metall, the Richardson Conf, Proc - London, Engl
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OtherPhys Chem of Process Metall, the Richardson Conf, Proc
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