Geoenvironmental performance monitoring

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Performance observations and measurements serve the same essential functions on geoenvironmental projects as they do on traditional geotechnical projects. The classical observational approach to geotechnical projects expounded upon by Terzaghi, Casagrande, Peck, and Whitman is as viable and necessary on geoenvironmental projects as it is on traditional projects. However, on geoenvironmental projects, there is often an added emphasis on observation and measurement for regulatory compliance and regulatory approval compared to traditional projects. Furthermore, the limitations and challenges of the classical observational approach associated with measurement of extremely small quantities, uncertainty with respect to mechanisms and phenomena of interest, and emotional issues related to project impacts may be exacerbated on geoenvironmental projects. Case histories are used to illustrate the role of performance observation and measurement on geoenvironmental projects. Monitored natural attenuation is discussed as the penultimate example of the application of the observational approach on geoenvironmental projects.

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EventASCE GeoInstitute Specialty Conference on 'Performance Confirmation of Constructed Geotechnical Facilities' - Amherst, MA, USA
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OtherASCE GeoInstitute Specialty Conference on 'Performance Confirmation of Constructed Geotechnical Facilities'
CityAmherst, MA, USA

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