Editorial: Tourism and social regeneration

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Research on social regeneration is a very specific area that needs more attention in the tourism and social sciences literature. Whilst much research has focused attention on tourism developments and regeneration efforts, this work is more concerning with the physical transformation of spaces (such as upgrading facilities and infrastructures) or expanding investments in tourism and visitor attractions. Planners and policy makers are concerned with maintaining a competitive advantage, resulting in policies and investments aimed at developing spaces in transition for the purpose of economic gain and/or image revival. To go beyond the focus on economic impacts of tourism-led regeneration, the purpose of this special issue is to address the importance of, and the need to, critically assess issues, problems and solutions surrounding social regeneration resulting from tourism change, developments or initiatives. More research considering how members of a community and event attendees engage with spaces and places transformed for tourism is needed. Paying closer attention to intangible impacts to extend recent debates surrounding tourism initiatives, involvement and futures is needed, emphasizing improved welfare and empowering local communities and its residents. The papers included in this special issue all put emphasis on the community and/or local residents and how they are impacted by tourism investments or initiatives.

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StatePublished - Dec 10 2018
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  • Social regeneration
  • Tourism and change
  • Tourism social policy

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