Donor-acceptor vibrations in nonadiabatic electron transfer reactions

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Electron transfer reactions in ion pairs, exciplexes, innersphere and intramolecular reactions are carried out in sufficiently stable complexes including a donor and an acceptor. In the present work nonadiabatic electron transfer reactions in such complexes are considered. Vibrations along the donor-acceptor bond are shown to lead to statistical and dynamic effects. Due to the modulation of the electron tunneling matrix element and electronic energy by donor-acceptor vibrations the free energy of activation contains an entropic term and an additional reorganization energy, connected with the reorganization of the donor-acceptor bond, appears. The dynamic effect of donor-acceptor vibrations is displayed in the dependence of the nonadiabatic electron transfer probability on the medium friction (viscosity).

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JournalChemical Physics
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StatePublished - Jul 15 1992
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