Dissociation between {Mathematical expression} and ventilatory threshold responses to endurance training

G. A. Gaesser, D. C. Poole, B. P. Gardner

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The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether the ventilatory gas exchange threshold (Tvent) changes significantly during the first 1-3 weeks of endurance training. Six men were studied during 3 weeks of training, which consisted of pedaling on a cycle ergometer 6 d·wk 30 min per session at 70% of pretraining {Mathematical expression}. At the end of each week, {Mathematical expression} Tvent, and maximal and submaximal heart rates were determined during an incremental exercise test on the cycle ergometer. Constant-load submaximal exercise blood lactate concentrations were determined during training sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week of training. Tvent did not change significantly during the 3 weeks of training (+ 0.09 l·min-1;P>0.05). In contrast, significant changes occurred in all other training indexes measured. {Mathematical expression} increased by 0.36 l·min-1 (P<0.05) after just 2 weeks of training and did not change further after 3 weeks. Significant reductions (40-45%;p<0.05) in blood lactate levels during training sessions occurred by the middle of the 2nd week of training. Decreases in maximal (~ 11 bt·min-1) and submaximal (~ 14 bt·min-1) exercise heart rates after 1 week of training were significant (P<0.05). The results demonstrate that changes in Tvent lag behind alterations in several other cardiovascular and metabolic parameters in response to endurance training. The dissociation between the significant improvement in {Mathematical expression} and the lack of a significant increase in Tvent during the first 3 weeks of training indicates that the exercise-induced changes in these two parameters are regulated by different mechanisms.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)242-247
Number of pages6
JournalEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 1984
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  • Aerobic capacity
  • Endurance training
  • Exercise
  • Ventilation threshold

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