Construction delivery system of the information age

Dean T. Kashiwagi

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The Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) at the Del E. Webb School of Construction, has developed a methodology to process data into information to reduce facility system life-cycle cost and risk of nonperformance. The methodology reshapes the current construction industry model from a `low-bid', `all the same' industry into a `value added' performance based industry. The performance information regulated industry changes roles, partnerships, and communication methods between the construction industry and facility owners. The PBSRG research effort (US$1000K, 1994-present) includes the design and improvement of the Performance Based Procurement System (PBPS), performance data collection on general, mechanical, electrical, landscaping and janitorial services, and design services in the public and private commercial sectors, the identification of performance levels in the industrial sector, and the design of a performance based structure for a manufacturer of construction systems, as well as the education of the facility owners and the construction industry.

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JournalAutomation in construction
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StatePublished - Apr 1999

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