Complete Electronic Processing System for Graduate School Admissions Applications

Bianca Bernstein (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Arizona State University is a leading national and international research and teaching institution with an enrollment of 49,000 students including 12,000 graduate students. Faced with fierce competition to attract the most talented graduate students, ASU's Graduate College reengineered its admissions process. A professional quality web-based application has been developed, which has helped the university gain and maintain a competitive edge in its quest to recruit the best applicants for ASU's graduate programs.The system first involves a web-based admissions application that enables applicants to complete, review, and submit applications on-line. This new method results in time and cost savings for staff and applicants, as it eliminates the need for requesting and mailing admissions applications. The new system also includes a component to automatically upload applicant information electronically to the mainframe Student Information System, eliminating the need for manual data entry.To compliment the Web-based admissions application, speed-up response time and reduce paperwork, an Academic Unit Interface (AUI) is also incorporated as part of the system. The AUI enables academic units (Chemistry, English, etc.) to evaluate the student admission applications on-line through a browser and make recommendations to the Graduate College for acceptance or rejection. The application greatly reduces the costs and turn around time for all involved. It also includes filters and flags to pre-qualify certain applications based on defined criteria (such as GPA) and mark others that require additional consideration.Features and Advantages include: Permits applicants to complete and submit their admissions application electronically via the Web. Eliminates mailing time and paper applications entirely. Electronic transfer of data from Web application to the mainframe has eliminated need for manual data entry, freeing up staff time. Academic units can now view applicant data within 24 hours of submission by the applicant. Academic units can transfer admissions recommendations immediately to the Graduate College. Eliminates the need for campus mail, paper forms, data entry and delays, which potentially could result in a loss of the most competitive graduate student candidates. Preset parameters in the Academic Unit Interface application reduce the amount of staff time needed to screen admissions recommendations.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Dec 15 1999


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