Compact readout of large CLYC scintillators with silicon photomultipler arrays

Stephen West, Darrel Beckman, Daniel Coupland, Nicholas Dallmann, Craig Hardgrove, Katherine Mesick, Laura Stonehill

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Compact readout of a large (5×5×5 cm3) CLYC scintillator was demonstrated with a 8×8 array of 6mm silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs, specifically, a SensL ArrayJ-60035-64P) and an optimized amplification and summing circuit. Read out by the SiPM array, the crystal yielded an energy resolution of 5.5% at 662 keV and a figure of merit of 3.5, equivalent to the performance achieved with a 3-inch Hamamatsu R6233-100 PMT. To reduce channel count and avoid individual amplification of each SiPM in the array, the standard outputs of 16 SiPMs were passively summed then amplified. A current feedback amplifier was used for each channel to provide the required fast response time. The four amplified channels were then passively summed resulting in a single signal channel. A custom laboratory setup, based on the PSD8C ASIC, was used to capture the output and provide time-gated integration for PSD computation. The compact volume, low bias voltage, and reduced mass of the SiPM array readout are desirable for space and national security applications.


  • CLYC
  • Readout electronics
  • Silicon photomultipliers

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Instrumentation


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