Combination of LIGHT (TNFSF14)-Armed Myxoma Virus Pre-Loaded into ADSCs and Gemcitabine in the Treatment of Experimental Orthotopic Murine Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

Joanna Jazowiecka-Rakus, Aleksander Sochanik, Agata Hadryś, Wojciech Fidyk, Ewa Chmielik, Masmudur M. Rahman, Grant McFadden

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Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is a deadly neoplasm. Oncolytic viruses have tumorolytic and immune response-boosting effects and present great potential for PDAC management. We used LIGHT-armed myxoma virus (vMyx-LIGHT) loaded ex vivo into human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADSCs) to evaluate murine PDAC treatment in conjunction with gemcitabine (GEM). The cytotoxicity of this treatment was confirmed in vitro using human and murine pancreatic cancer cell cultures, which were more sensitive to the combined approach and largely destroyed. Unlike cancer cells, ADSCs sustain significant viability after infection. The in vivo administration of vMyx-LIGHT-loaded ADSCs and gemcitabine was evaluated using immunocompetent mice with induced orthotopic PDAC lesions. The expression of virus-encoded LIGHT increased the influx of T cells to the tumor site. Shielded virus followed by gemcitabine improved tumor regression and survival. The addition of gemcitabine slightly compromised the adaptive immune response boost obtained with the shielded virus alone, conferring no survival benefit. ADSCs pre-loaded with vMyx-LIGHT allowed the effective transport of the oncolytic construct to PDAC lesions and yielded significant immune response; additional GEM administration failed to improve survival. In view of our results, the delivery of targeted/shielded virus in combination with TGF-β ablation and/or checkpoint inhibitors is a promising option to improve the therapeutic effects of vMyx-LIGHT/ADSCs against PDAC in vivo.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number2022
Issue number8
StatePublished - Apr 1 2022


  • adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs)
  • gemcitabine
  • immune response
  • myxoma virus
  • oncolytic virotherapy
  • oncolytic virus
  • pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

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  • Cancer Research


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