Caroteno-Silicon Phthalocyanines as Tumor Localizing and Visualizing Agents

Ana Moore (Inventor), Thomas Moore (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The imaging of tumors for diagnostic purposes has been an important focus of researchers across the country, who are continually searching for better methods of imaging as well as new agents that can be used with such methods. Not only may such agents provide more precision for surgery but may also provide future opportunities for non-surgical therapeutics as well.Researchers at Arizona State University have been involved in such research for much of the last decade and have now compiled an impressive platform of inventions and know-how that, upon commercialization, would be expected to provide faster and less expensive diagnostic imaging. Beginning with US Patent No. 5,286,474, ASU's research team has developed a process of tumor identification. This process is comprised of administration of a light sensitive compound that is preferentially absorbed by the tumor tissue followed by irradiation of the host organism with light, whereupon the compound then fluoresces permitting precise identification of the location, size and shape of the tumor. What is particularly unique is that the method is quite sensitive and, unlike other methods, does not promote a singlet oxygen that would be harmful to the organism.ASU's research team has identified several classes of molecules that represent synthetic derivatives of naturally occurring compounds. Besides establishing patent protection on the overall methods, each class of molecules is also being patented as compositions of matter, thus creating an overall platform of technologies. This represents a considerable healthcare related business opportunity for an appropriate company willing to champion this technology.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Jan 1 1900


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