Bioselective Targeting Dextran Bioconjugate Anti-Inflammatory/Immunosuppressant Therapy

Stephen Massia (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Inflammation in any part of the body is invariably characterized by leukocytic infiltrates and an increase in vascular permeability. Leukocytes are ordinarily free flowing in the blood stream, but migrate to the site of inflammation in a series of physiologically orchestrated events. Inflammation in the eye can affect any portion such as, the ocular surface, the retina, the optic nerve and other orbital surfaces. The consequences of which can be sight threatening. Researchers at Arizona Sate University have developed a novel treatment for autoimmune diseases and inflammation in areas as sensitive as the eye. The technology consists of a class of anti-inflammatory bioconjugate therapeutics that selectively target and locally bind to inflamed tissue surfaces, thus forming a protective colloid barrier against excessive leukocyte adhesion/infiltration and subsequent tissue injury. Potential Applications Immunosuppressant therapeutics for autoimmune diseases Inflammatory disease: eye inflammation disease Septic shock, post trauma multiple organ failure, ischemic reperfusion injury, transplant rejection, etc.Benefits and Advantages This invention offers substantial improvements to current anti-inflammatory/therapies: Avoids serious side effects associated with immunosuppressant drugs in Development and on the market More safe and efficacious than the immunomodulator treatments that are currently available for treating patients with moderate to severe and/or active autoimmune diseases Produced and shipped in a dry format. No special equipment would be required because this product could be incorporated into the conventional fluid therapy bags or could be added in line with the conventional intravascular delivery systems.Download original PDF
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Nov 7 2001


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