Joseph Stanislao, Emin G. Turker, James K. Byers, Michael J. Handley, Don T. Phillips, A. Alan B Pritsker, Jack B. Re Velle, Gary E. Whitehouse, Joseph D. Marsh, Douglas Montgomery, Colin L. Moodie, John J. Echols, Satish J. Kamat, William R. Conner

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Following is the continuation of the list of titles and authors of the papers presented: System Approach to Grinding Technology. By Joseph Stanislao and Emin G. Turker. Solution and Application for a Nonserial Queueing Problem. By James K. Byers and Michael J. Handley. GERT Network Analysis of Complex Queueing Systems. By Don T. Phillips and A. Alan B. Pritsker. Managematics: The Concept and Its Application. By Jack B. Re Velle. Info-Cision - A Network Technique for Analyzing Decision Systems. By Gary E. Whitehouse. Optimal Procedures for Scheduling Jobs with Sequence-Dependent Changeover Times on Parallel Processors. By Joseph D. Marsh and Douglas C. Montgomery. Systems Engineering View of Assembly Line Balancing by Computer. By Colin L. Moodie. Keep It Simple: A Case Study. By John J. Echols. Economic Variables Control Procedure Based on Bayesian Estimates. By Satish J. Kamat and William R. Conner.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Place of PublicationAtlanta, Norcross
StatePublished - 1973
Externally publishedYes

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