Advanced vehicle dynamics: Theory in practice

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A novel course in vehicle dynamics was offered in fall-08 by Engineering Technology Department at Arizona State University (ASU). This course titled 'Advanced Vehicle Dynamics' was based on multi-body dynamics approach to vehicle dynamics with focus on computational analytical dynamics. It was offered as a graduate course with a unique class composition like 40% students with 10 or more years of industrial experience, 20% students with 20 or more years of industrial experience, 30% graduate students with less than 2 years of experience and 10% senior undergraduate students, interested in pursuing career in automotive engineering. This paper describes the course structure, objectives; challenges faced by the instructor because of diverse class composition and different student expectations, project based learning approach adopted in the course, student participation and the course outcomes. It is interesting to note that some of the project assigned in this course were 'real life problems' faced by a leading aftermarket automotive manufacturer. The class, as a team, brainstormed on appropriate strategies to address the project problems. The computational tools and instructional material for the lab were donated by MSC software that actively participated in enhancing the educational experience. This course presents one of the many efforts pursued by the Engineering Technology Department to bring industry and academia closer by giving an opportunity to practicing engineers to 'sharpen the skills' and regular students a 'feel of the real world engineering'.

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StatePublished - 2009

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