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Ann Forsyth, Katherine Crewe

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Green master planned communities save energy and money and avoid social exclusion. Recent samples of these communities have shown new methods and practices. For instance, Civano in Arizona, demonstrate a range of approaches from being a new town that mix new urbanism and ecological design. It featured energy efficient, adobe-style housing, surrounded by plants. Structures are made of rammed earth and straw bales, with tanks and cisterns for conserving water. Meanwhile, Almere in the Netherlands, is an example of a transit-based suburb with innovative ecological features like vacuum-based garbage and recycling system. It is also proud of its affordable housing, which meet the needs of increasing immigrant population. Lastly, the Stockholm's Hammarby Sjöstad, the largest brownfield development, provides sufficient space for commercial establishments. It represents a new generation of infill ecological design aiming to reintensify the use of an existing structures. New environmental features include light rail line, centralized, vacuum-operated recycling and composting system, ultra-efficient windows and green roofs.

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StatePublished - Jul 2007

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