Accurate control of As and Sb incorporation ratio during solid-source molecular-beam epitaxy

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This paper reports an accurate method for controlling the As/Sb ratio in group-V alloys such as AlAsxSb1−x by modulating As2 and Sb2 beams during molecular beam epitaxy (MMBE). Experimental results show that the AlAs mole fraction is linearly proportional to the As-shutter duty-cycle, which is easy to control and extremely reproducible. Compared with conventional MBE the MMBE technique dramatically reduces the degree of dependence of AlAs mole fraction on the As2 flux about an order of magnitude, providing a very straightforward means to obtain group-V alloys with required composition without changing group-V effusion-cell temperatures. X-ray diffraction measurements reveal that the typical lattice mismatch for thick AlAsxSb1−x cladding layers in laser structures grown on InAs is less than 6.5 × 10−4. In addition, MMBE dramatically improves the surface morphology and crystalline quality. Based on these improvements, room temperature photoluminescence from GaAs0.08Sb0.92/AlAs0.16Sb0.84 single quantum well structures and cw operation of InAs/AlAs0.16Sb0.84 lasers up to 95 K are also observed for the first time. It is expected that this method can also be applied to the MBE growth of other group-V alloys.

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JournalJournal of Crystal Growth
StatePublished - Jan 1 1995
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