A 3D Digital Library System

David Capco (Inventor), Daniel Collins (Inventor), Mark Henderson (Inventor), Sethuraman Panchanathan (Inventor), Anshuman Razdan (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Modeling and visualization of 3 dimensional (3D) data has become an important research tool in virtually every scientific and creative discipline. The value of 3D modeling and analysis has been recognized by government and private sector businesses and are at the beginning of an explosion in interest and the potential markets for 3D analytic tools. Sources of 3D data range from complex, high cost Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography Imaging (CAT) scanners, and Confocal microscopes to inexpensive laser scanners designed for small scale capture. The 3D knowledge (3DK) research conducted at ASU's PRISM, an NSF funded initiative, has focused on developing techniques relating to the acquisition, representation, query, and analysis of 3D objects and phenomena (http://3dk.asu.edu). The initial study has concentrated on applications in Archaeology, Biology, Computer Science, and Physical Anthropology and has developed powerful tools for shape and feature identification. This project has made theoretical and technological breakthroughs in mathematical modeling of 3D data and in the processes required to analyze, catalog, query, view and interact with the collections of data. These are exactly the requirements sought by business and government to begin to effectively explore the potential of 3D data. Just as words gain value by adding intelligence in the form of semantics to create a usable language, geometric data becomes more useful when we add structure and context to the analysis. Seen alone, geometric data is merely a collection of x,y,z coordinates, scalars and vectors. For example, each solid 3D object, such as a rock or a bone, can be described or bounded (enclosed) by a 2D surface. The shape of this 2D enclosing surface defines and can be used to accurately model and analyze the shape of the original 3D solid.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Feb 21 2002


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