Thermodynamics of Minerals Stable near Earth's Surface

  • Petuskey, William (PI)

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Thermodynamics of Minerals Stable near Earth's Surface Thermodynamics of Minerals Stable near Earth's Surface ASU will continue the thermodynamic study of complex nanophases in manganese, iron and aluminum oxide systems, the adsorption of ions and molecules on mineral surfaces, and the transformations from ions in solution to clusters to nanophases to bulk materials as outlined in the original funded proposal. ASU will participate in the creation of a thermodynamic database and the application of the new data to problems relevant to near-surface geochemistry, with potential applications to element transport in the natural and perturbed environment, and the control and remediation of pollution. Experimental work at ASU will utilize the specialized and unique calorimetric laboratory being developed in the School of Molecular Sciences. This laboratory should be completely functional by July 1, 2020, at which time all experiments at UC Davis will cease.
Effective start/end date1/1/205/31/22


  • US Department of Energy (DOE): $680,659.00


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