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  • Kintigh, Keith (PI)

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The primary aim of this proposal is to develop tools for transatlantic cross-searching and semantic interoperability between ADS and tDAR. This will not only provide a sustainable service for archaeological teaching, learning and research across two continents; it will also provide an exemplar for international cyber-infrastructure partnerships between North America and Europe, across all subject areas. It is proposed to develop interoperability between the USA and UK at two levels. The first stage will be to create infrastructure to enable basic cross-search of Dublin Core compatible metadata records for digital resources covering the archaeology of the USA and UK. This is relatively straightforward in that the EU-funded ARENA project has already demonstrated it is achievable within Europe, and the ARENA portal is now being taken forward as an exemplar of a web services architecture solution within the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap under the aegis of the EU DARIAH consortium (see Paragraph 11). Nonetheless, mapping European to North American metadata schemes will provide some challenges, particularly for periodisation and subject type. The second stage will attempt to develop a much deeper and richer level of cross-searching for faunal data from North America and Europe. This sub-discipline has been chosen as there is a relatively high level of agreement over basic classifications; the provision of deep data mining would be truly ground-breaking.
Effective start/end date10/1/097/31/11


  • NEH: Division of Preservation and Access: $134,879.00


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