Substance Abuse Among Suburban Youth: A Prospective Study

  • Luthar, Suniya (PI)

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Arizona State University Dr. Suniya Luthar Title: Substance Abuse Among Suburban Youth: A Prospective Study. National Institute on Drug Abuse (R01DA014385-06) Statement of work: Data collection from participants will be transitioned over to ASU during 2014; and ASU will be the primary site for preparation of (a) papers on existing longitudinal data and (b) an application for a competitive renewal of this grant. The PI, Dr. Luthar, is to assume a full-time faculty appointment at ASU starting January 1, 2014. Philip Small, a current Graduate Research Assistant at ASU, had worked with Dr. Luthar until fall 2013 at Teachers College. His primary responsibilities at TC were to ensure cleaning and accuracy of all existing data from this longitudinal study; thus, he is very familiar with all existing data. He is also being trained, currently, to conduct interviews and assessments with participants and will start conducting assessments in January 2014. Thus, the plan is that by May 2014, all assessments will occur at ASU and will be discontinued at the APT Foundation in New Haven (the site for data collection over the past several years).
Effective start/end date2/1/141/31/15


  • HHS-NIH: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): $220,918.00


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