STTR: Diluted-Magnetic Semiconductor (DMS) Tunneling Devices for the Terahertz Regime Phase II

  • Newman, Nathan (PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


This program will be based at Arizona State Univ. under the direction of N. Newman. The major expenses involved in this experimental project are stipends for the graduate student to perform growth, materials characterization and device microfabrications. Costs are also included for expenses needed to carry out the work in the program including (a) laboratory supplies, and consumables including glassware, UHV gaskets, gasses, liquid cryogens, reactant and cleaning chemicals, gloves, chip packages and evaporation crucibles (b) recharge for use of instruments within the ASU Center for Solid State Science and the ASU Center for Solid State Engineering Research and (c) travel to a Material Research Society meeting to disseminate the results. Funds are requested in Year 1 to purchase a Knudsen to facilitate the experiments involving transition metal doping in the second Molecular Beam System that has Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy.
Effective start/end date8/25/085/24/11


  • DOD: Army: $240,000.00


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