STIR: Novel Network Statistics for Modern Social Interaction Modeling and Inference

  • Li, Jing (PI)

Project: Research project

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The proposed research aligns perfectly well with the PIs research in both theory and application. In terms of theoretical development, the PI has conducted extensive research in the areas of graphical models, multi-data fusion, high-dimensional statistics, and SPC change detection. In terms of application, the PI has worked in a variety of application areas involving network data, such as wireless communication fraud detection, brain network modeling, system biology, and production system quality and reliability improvement. So far, the PI has published 19 papers in top statistics and quality engineering journals as well as 5 papers in highly-selective machine learning and data mining conferences (NIPS and KDD). The PI is a recent NSF CAREER awardee.
Effective start/end date1/7/1310/6/13


  • DOD-ARMY-ARL: Army Research Office (ARO): $49,736.00


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