Spectral Performance Requirements of Ultraviolet Coatings Materials and Processes for Advanced Telescope Optics

  • Scowen, Paul (PI)

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The Technology Development for Cosmic Origins Program (TCOP) calls for improved reflective coatings for optics, particularly in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum for increased throughput. Studies of improved deposition processes for known UV reflective coatings (e.g., MgF2), and investigations of new coating materials with promising UV performance are sought. Our primary objectives address these needs of new space missions that aim to capture the ultraviolet part of the spectrum for cosmic astrophysics investigations without sacrificing the performance in the visible to NIR needed for exoplanet imaging when both mission objectives are combined into one. In essence, our comprehensive and ambitious goal is to arrive at a set of chosen materials and processes to produce mirrors that will satisfy the throughput requirements of UV astrophysics instruments as well as meeting the needs of exoplanet imaging systems with minimal negative impact on either, thus providing significant cost savings when the two missions are combined. The results of the proposed research and technology development will enhance the state-of-theart in producing advanced telescope optics to perform over a broad spectrum from about 100 nm in the ultraviolet to 1100 nm in the near infrared. Missions aiming to combine the Cosmic Origins and Exoplanet Imaging program objectives will get the much needed technology inputs for mission planning and architecture design with significant cost savings when the two missions are combined. While it is recognized that some aspects of the research, particularly in the deep UV below 125 nm, are currently at low TRL, most of our proposed work involves well established, high TRL techniques applied to different materials and combinations, and much of the anticipated enhancements will advance the TRL for the extended spectrum to 4 at the end of this proposed effort over 3 years.
Effective start/end date1/1/1312/27/15


  • National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA): $75,213.00


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