Rodent Biocontrol and Crop Protection

  • Karr, Timothy (PI)

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Rodent Biocontrol and Crop Protection Rodent Biocontrol and Crop Protection Study 1- Screen 14 candidate sperm proteins (CSPs) for antibody activity using the RASV system. We will utilize the most recent RASV technology using a regulated delayed lysis system1. The system consists of a mutant recombinant Salmonella that undergoes cell wall-less lysis and a second component that contains an expression system that efficiently produces the antigen (or antigens) thus providing an effective bolus of protective antigen upon lysis. Male mice will be immunized by oral administration of RASV-CSP(1-14) strains expressing one of each of the 14 CSPs (Figure 1) and serum (IgG, IgA) levels measured by standard methods. These experiments will identify the most effective immunogens. Study 2- Oral Bait tests of RASV-CSP(1-14) strains identified in Study 1. Oral bait comprised of selected RASV-CSP(1-14) strains in peanut butter will be fed to lab mice and immune responses measured to identify the best immunogens by this route of administration. Study 3- Measure effectiveness of oral bait administration of RASV-CSP strains on male fertility. Sperm production, morphology, motility and litter size will be measured following oral bait administration.
Effective start/end date11/1/124/30/14


  • Gates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation: $100,000.00


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