Rocket Flight of a Delta-Doped CCD Focal Plane Array to Prove Flight Rating

  • Scowen, Paul (PI)

Project: Research project

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Statement of Work: The CASA/University of Colorado contribution to the proposal entitled"Rocket Flight of a Delta-Doped CCD Focal Plane Array to Prove Flight Rating"will be to integrate the CCD focal plane array produced by Arizona State University into a future generation of the CHESS rocket payload. To do this, the Colorado team will require a cooling system for the CCD array, and the supporting machining to integrate the cooling system and CCD focal plane array into the rocket payload. Costs are included for the machining and cooling system hardware. The CASA team will be made up of a senior researcher, Dr. Kevin France, and a senior research assistant, Mr. Robert Kane. Their participation will come at no cost to this subcontract. Dr. France will oversee the program, keeping the scientific goals of the CHESS instrument at the forefront of all decisions. Mr. Kane will oversee day-to-day development of the cooling system and payload modifications.
Effective start/end date11/4/1311/3/16


  • NASA: Armstrong Flight Research Center: $87,221.00


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