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  • Karr, Timothy (PI)

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Professional Services Agreement - Tim Karr Professional Services Agreement - Tim Karr Responsibilities of Dr. Karr. A. Dr. Karr will provide subject matter expertise in the realm of evolutionary biology and Drosophila proteomics. He will utilize his background to help identify human orthologs that might be associated with disease and can be used for the early diagnosis or prognosis of that disease. Dr. Karr will contribute to the writing of grants and manuscripts as appropriate. He will also work towards identifYing areas for collaboration between TGen and the ASU. Dr. Karr will be asked from time-to-time to participate in group meetings and/or teleconference with collaborators. In one of the initial projects, he will be focused on the mechanisms of spenn maturation in mammals and the writing of a joint ROl proposal on the subject. B. Dr. Karr will perfonn all services under this Agreement in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, all applicable ABOR and TGen policies (including without limitation any intellectual property policies) and with the standards of care and diligence nonnally practiced in the industry when perfonning services of a similar nature. Dr. Karr may address any questions regarding such policies to TGen's Affiliation Liaison (as defined in the Affiliation Agreement). C. Dr. Karr shall comply with the applicable tenns of the Affiliation Agreement, including without limitation, Section lO thereof, attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit A.
Effective start/end date8/1/118/1/13


  • Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen): $11,863.00


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