Improving Science Achievement Through Content Learning and Collaborative Inquiry

  • Barnard, Wendy (CoI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


Statement of Work Instrument Development Assist DUSD in creation of observation protocol; Interview protocol; PD survey; Collaborative inquiry session survey; end-of-program survey; Mandatory Phoenix-based training on instrumentation Data Collection Data quality/implementation fidelity checks as needed; Assistance with administration/dataset creation if needed; Analysis Assist DUSD in evaluating comparison group for equivalency; Student achievement data analyses; Within and across group performance (growth) on STEBI-A and DTAMS; Attendance at program sessions as needed for process evaluation (includes travel) Reporting Assist DUSD in final evaluation report; Meeting grant reporting requirements (Quarterly); Required 3-days in Washington DC (paid through sponsor budget)
Effective start/end date4/1/146/30/15


  • Arizona Department of Education: $25,000.00


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