Hope Analytics Proposal for Data Collection

  • Bryce, Crystal (PI)

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Hope Analytics Proposal for Data Collection Hope Analytics Proposal for Data Collection Based on preliminary conversations, we propose a two-year project. This approach will allow us to follow many youth over time, in addition to collecting data on those who are in residential facilities. Because not all youth enter probation/diversion/residential facilities at the same time, a longer time frame will allow us to follow youth from entry to exit. Specifically, we propose three approaches to data collection. 1. A survey that will be administer to all Probation Officers and other relevant staff. Given the length of the project, we are suggesting that this survey be administered multiple times, with the exact number to be determined. This survey will focus on the respondents own hope, beliefs about children/youth, approach to discipline, interpersonal relations, etc. 2. A survey that will be administered to all youth in probation/diversion. They will take the survey 3 times (entry, half-way, and exit). The survey will include questions about hope, self-efficacy, school engagement, drug use, interpersonal relationships, etc. In addition, we will obtain information about recidivism, probation violations, drug-screening tests, and other data as appropriate from Juvenile Court. 3. A survey that is similar to #2 that will be administered to all youth in residential facilities. The timing of these surveys is to be determined, as are the questions to be included. Hope Analytics will create the surveys in Qualtrics, a survey management program. We will then share the links for the surveys to the Juvenile Court for distribution to youth. This approach allows the survey to be an integrated part of the youths experience.
Effective start/end date12/21/2012/31/22


  • LOCAL: Non-Arizona Local Government: $19,162.00


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