Evaluation of the Navajo Nation's Promoting Safe and Stable Families program

  • Gonzalez-Santin, Edwin (PI)

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    Evaluation of the Navajo Nation's Promoting Safe and Stable Families program Evaluation of the Navajo Nation's Promoting Safe and Stable Families program The Office of American Indian Projects (OAIP), School of Social Work, College of Public Programs, ASU is proposing to provide technical assistance, consultation, and program evaluation of the Navajo Nations Title IV-B program, including the Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program [PSSF] to the Block Grants and Special Programs Department of the Division of Social Services. OAIP has many years experience in providing program evaluation services to tribes in Arizona and else where, including over 10 years involvement with the Navajo Division of Social Services in the evaluation of their Title IV-B program. As part of the evaluation of the Title IV-B sub part 1, the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare Services, OAIP will review all internal and external PSSF reports within the timeframes of the current 5-year plan which are available at the time of the evaluation data gathering activities, including the annual performance report (APSR). OAIP will provide the comprehensive assessment of the Title IV-B sub part 2, the Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program [PSSF] including the 4 service areas of: 1) Family Preservation; 2) Family Support; 3) Time-limited Reunification; and 4) Adoption Promotion and Support, including the review of selected case records from the four (4) service areas. The evaluation will include the review of the established performance indicators and outcome measures including the review of the current five (5) year plan and the establishment of baseline measures; the PSSF program protocol and associated benchmarks; and the PSSF programs current corrective action plan. The methodology used in this evaluation is a formative design utilizing a review of program documents; reviews of program case records; interviews of staff employed in the administration, supervision and service delivery of Title IV-B program services; analysis of program data, including the results of the client satisfaction surveys; and a review of the PSSF programs Annual Performance and Services Report. The evaluation methodology will also include a brief review of the literature will be included as it relates to PSSF programming. As part of the methodology, data gathering activities of the PSSF staff and the Divisions MIS staff will be reviewed and any data gathered will be analyzed for validity and incorporation into the PSSF programs baseline data set. The results of the evaluation will be documented in a comprehensive evaluation report, including any recommendations regarding the strengths and challenges experienced by the PSSF program and analysis of data collected.opO
    Effective start/end date10/1/099/30/10


    • HHS: Administration for Children and Families (ACF): $155,219.00


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